Good Works

Good Works

Forest Honey, the signature ingredient found in Luca Wellness formulations, comes directly from the pristine, unspoiled forests of the remote Flores and Timor islands of Indonesia, north of Australia and south of Vietnam.

While relatively unknown in North America, throughout Europe and other parts of the world Forest Honey is highly sought after for its distinctive aroma and flavor as well as the healthful properties it offers as an ingredient in skincare, foods, drinks, and soaps.

As a major commodity in Indonesia, Forest Honey is a key driver of the local economy and important to the cultural heritage and traditions of the local Indonesian island peoples. Yet while market demand for Forest Honey is high, its full potential remains largely untapped due to the difficult and complex traditional small-scale farming methods that are still in use today.

Beginning at dawn, Indonesian honey farmers rise and gather to venture into the forest, hand-carrying heavy tools and equipment. There the honeycomb is hand-harvested from local trees, then cut into small pieces and hand-strained to remove impurities before being poured into cans for transport back to villages.  The process is a long, tedious one that requires skills, a steady hand and patience.

As part of its Giving Back initiative, the team at Luca Wellness has dedicated a percentage of its profits to support the sustainable, traditional farming methods of Indonesian farmers. Our social enterprise partner in this effort, Kopernik, works side by side with indigenous peoples in underserved communities to help find working solutions to address local development challenges.  As one of many projects that offer a positive step forward, together with involvement and input of local Indonesian farmers, Kopernick engineers were able to develop the K-Honey filter, an improved filter that simplifies and speeds the Forest Honey extraction process as it increases the level of purity, resulting in faster production and a higher quality product.

Luca Wellness is proud to be a partner in supporting efforts to help those in underserved communities worldwide maintain their cultural heritage and grow their local economies through sustainable enterprise.  We hope you’ll join us in helping make a difference and support these worthy efforts. To learn more, please visit